The Nobleman Lava Bead Bracelet, Stainless Steel

$34.00 $18.00

The Nobleman Lava Bead Bracelet is hand made with black lava beads and comes standard with a gold electroplated stainless steel lion head. This bracelet represents nobility, the calm of the Earth and classic style.

It's ultra durable. With it's 100% Stainless Steel electroplated gold rope, clasp and lion head - this bracelet is built to last - and won't rust or tarnish. It absorbs essential oils well if you decide to use it like that.

Will it fit my wrist? The Nobleman Lava Bead Bracelet is adjustable.

It looks great with just about any style and pairs well with any watch. It also stacks well with other bracelets. Add a classic look to your style.