The Kepler - Men's Minamilistic Bracelet

$24.00 $17.00

Appreciate minimalistic style? Like to make a statement, command attention but do it in a way that shows you understand the finer details in life? The subtle details?

The Kepler is an ultra sleek wax cord bracelet - which means that you can easily wear this with all types of outfits. From casual tee’s to suited up at the office, this bracelet adds that subtle detail that you’re looking for.

It pairs perfectly well with your wrist wear, and easily matches other bracelets or rings that you might wear.

When she notices it you’ll need a story to explain the meaning behind this minimalistic piece.

The Kepler represents the vastness of the universe with a clear, distinguishable object moving through time and space - the diamond piece on the bracelet. It brings clarity, speed and opportunity to the wearer - that is you - and is meant to remind you of the vast potential you harness.

Will it fit my wrist? Yes, the Kepler is adjustable from 5.5" - 10.5/11" in diameter.

Is it waterproof? Yes, the wax cord bracelet won't tarnish or rust, and is waterproof and highly durable.