The Hughes - Minimalistic Men's Bracelet

$24.00 $17.00

As the story goes, Howard Hughes was a maverick. An ultra successful business man worth billions, a film tycoon and a daring adventurer he understood what it meant to chase his vision.

So do you.

Which is why this bracelet represents your clarity of focus, success and the maverick inside you.

With a minimalistic wax cord rope this ultra sleek bracelet will match any outfit - from casual to business. It’s minimalistic enough to not jump out, but eye catching enough to get noticed when the time is right.

Will it fit my wrist? Yes, the Hughes is adjustable from 5.5" - 10.5/11" in diameter.

Is it waterproof? Yes, the wax cord bracelet won't tarnish or rust, and is waterproof and highly durable.