The Look: Trendset Tuesday w @gentswithstyles

August 30, 2016 - 07:49 PM


Alright gents. This one is a bit more "business casual". Biz cash? Biz caz? Fuck, however you want to put it - this one is dope.

We're going to put together a little guide on how you can string together 100's of outfits with just a few key pieces - so stay tuned for that one. This look though, this is another one of those examples on why the attention to detail - and a few key pieces can make your wardrobe just look awesome.


The Look:

The seasons are changing - we don't like to admit it - but yes, it's happening. The cooler evenings are here and you're going to have to start layering up. This outfit plays right in the middle though - effortlessly blending a warm summer vibe with the cooler tones and feel of September.

The tones - blue dress shirt on darker blue chinos - are cooler and more classic. This gives you a versatile look - as you can wear this in the boardroom, on a date, on the weekend, or even out at a UFC game after work.

The outfit has a number of subtle details that allow it to go either "summery" or "fall".


Here's What We Love About This Look:

Tones - If you're ever thinking "shit, what do I wear, I'm not sure if this is too bold or too subtle" - blue is a great option. It's a super classic color. It allows you to be versatile in multiple situations. And it allows you to dress up or down.

In this case: you could easily pair this outfit with a brown belt and brown double monk straps for a European summer vibe - OR - you could do what he's done with Stan Smiths or even white or black Cons.

Here he's used the combination of blues really well. Nothing too bright - the outfit is subtle overall.

The fine detailing on the blue shirt - with the white buttons - makes this shirt a bit more casual, as the color adds a playful pop. You'll notice that the buttons also compliment the shoes - which is a great way to tie the outfit together.


On top of this he's made the outfit "seasonally balanced" - by rolling up the cuffs of the pants (2 rolls for most gents), AND rolling up the sleeves on the shirt (just above the elbows). This high roll on the shirt sleeves is very summery and casual. We love it cause it's comfortable too.


The Accessories:

This outfit is really well done. Notice how the black belt splits the two shades of blue, adding a bit of formality to the look. But, then notice how he's gone with black stripped Adidas Stan Smiths to compliment not only the belt, but the watch strap AND one of the bracelets as well.

Very cool.


What this type of color matching does is "hold" your outfit together. You can mess about with different colors so long as your accessories compliment and frame your outfit.

Again, he's done it really well.


What We'd Improve:

Here you could switch up the wrist game. He's rocking 2 bracelets that compliment each other and the outfit. You could stick with one - although we'd go a bit bolder with something like this:



This look is dope. It's a great meeting outfit, work outfit and date outfit that says "hey, I know my shit, and I'm not trying too hard".

Well done.

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