The Look: Thursday Meeting w @berndhower

September 01, 2016 - 05:02 PM


The Look:

We feel it in the air. As much as we all want to hang on, summer is really on the way out. Fall is just about here. But, there's no need to just whip out the Fall coats and and boots just yet. You can change gracefully with the seasons.

As @berndhower has done here.

This outfit - clean and classic is executed well.

The Look:

This classic white and dark navy blue is a fantastic way to bridge the gap between Summer and Fall - casual and formal. It's been pulled off very well here - with a clean white shirt with subtle detail.

Notice how he's rolled up the sleeves - 2x if you want to get precise - for that blend of casual yet professional look. Roll up the sleeves any more and you'll make the outfit more casual. Pull them down further and the outfit becomes more formal. This, is a great blend.

You can also see that this shirt has very subtle detailing. The collar is non-existent, giving this classic shirt a cool unique style.


Here's What We Love:

The inclusion of browns in this look gives the outfit a very fall feel. The browns - although slightly different - are close enough that they don't clash with each other. They're also a lighter shade of brown, which gives the outfit a fresh feeling and makes the two pieces stand out.


The rolled up pant cuff with the all white Stan Smiths are a fave look of ours. It's clean. It's simple. You can wear this just about anywhere. Again, 2 rolls (maybe 3) on the cuff is enough. Go any higher and you'll give your outfit a European vibe, or, you just might not look great.

The Accessories:

This is the area that is seriously lacking. The black watch does clash with the belt and bag. We'd recommend not doing this if you can avoid it. If you can't avoid it, it's really a subtle detail that most people won't notice. Kinda like wearing white socks with black shoes.

We'd also really recommend that he adds a bit to his wrist game. Maybe a subtle brown bead bracelet or anchor bracelet to compliment the entire outfit and pull it all together.


Very smooth look. Very clean look. We really enjoy it.

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