The Look: #squadgoals on a Monday night

September 14, 2016 - 07:19 PM

Right on. So Fall is here. We've established that. But this isn't time for complaining. Sure we love Summer, but damn, we love the Fall gear too.

These gents have done it right. Layers, subtle tones and an "I'm not trying too hard" look make both of these outfits rock.

What we love about these outfits:

Both guys are rocking dark jeans. This is a great way to a) dress up your outfit, and b) move forward into Fall colors, and eventually the Winter season. Leave the light blues and whites to the Summer - embrace the dark colors, and brighten up your look with your shirts and shoes.

Which is exactly what these guys did.


Both basing their outfits on crisp white button ups - these looks - even without the light sweaters - would look great.

Notice the layering? This is exactly the type of thing you should be looking to do when the weather is way too hot in the mid-day sun, but cool and chilly at night.

The shoes:

The blue and brown boots have a dressy "shoe" feel but are 100% boot cut. It's a more rugged look that's still ultra dapper. You can and should, roll your jeans over these. We prefer the brown out of the two, but really, as long as you stay classy and match your pant, you should be good to go. Black, brown, blue - they would all work well here.


What to pair these outfits with:

For the gent on the left - who's rocking the black leather strapped timepiece - we'd stick with a black anchor bracelet or bead bracelet like The Thorson or The Armstrong.

For the gent on the right - who doesn't seem to have any wrist game at all (shame), we'd opt for something Earthy - like the rugged Magellen anchor bracelet or The Darwin.


Both of these outfits serve as a great base to make a great outfit. You can mix it up a bit, change the colors slightly - but don't forget the basics. Darks, Earthy tones and great layering make great style.

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