The Look: Rocking a Short Week w @chezrust

September 14, 2016 - 06:53 PM

The Look:

Here's an example of an awesome look that can be played just about anywhere. Think boardroom. Think date. Think weekend. Think Guys Night Out.

The neutral tones are perfect for the changing season.

If you're ever wondering what type of Earthy tones to put together - Green & Khaki go really well together. Just take a look at this pic. You can also pair other Browns w Khaki, Greys with Green and throw some blue jean colors in there and on and on.

Here's what we love about this outfit:

This outfit looks casual - but is actually very dapper. Notice the shirt. The simple v-neck tee is upgraded with buttons and subtle detailing. This gives the upper look an interesting blend of dressy and casual.


The chinos are a great color - very very versatile. You can rock a navy blue blazer with this. You could rock a casual jean shirt with this. You could rock black with this. It can play in so many different ways. And the chinos make the outfit look dressy without actually being too dressy.

The cut on the chinos is a summer cut. You'll notice that the cuff is about 2-3 inches higher than the shoe. You can roll, or tailor your pants to embrace this summer vibe. Well done.

The shoes are casual. These loafers match the shirt well (a slightly darker tone of Khaki) and have the subtle detailing of black which makes them pop a bit.


What we'd improve:

There are really few accessories with this minimalistic outfit. And while that might be a good play if you really really want to keep it simple, a simple piece would compliment the outfit really well. Watch, ring, bracelet is what we'd go for here.

What we'd pair with this outfit:

With the Earthy tones we'd pair the Tenzing Tiger Eye bracelet with this outfit. You could also rock The Knight Anchor Bracelet or The Thorson.

The black / gunmetal colors are dark enough to keep the outfit minimalistic, but give enough flare to compliment the overall look and style.

Overall - very well done.

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