The Look: Beach Chillin w @marianodivaio

August 26, 2016 - 11:24 AM

The Look:

What we love about this:

Super chill style with the black crew neck tee and the grey denim. Grey is a great color that can match with so many different shoes and shirts. Add the rips, and you've got a super casual style.

Shoe game - is on point. White kicks, as you know, are always a must have for a summer wardrobe.


It's a bit hard to notice, but take a look at the light grey sweater around the waist. This neutral tone is very similar to the grey jeans - a little hard to pull off, but it's more of a beige color than grey - so it works. You can opt for a black, or another color / pattern that would match with the jeans. Great for those colder summer/fall nights.

What we love?

The accessories game is on point! Check out the wrist game:


This is a bolt move - but the accessories are subtle enough for you to almost not even notice.

3 - rings

2 - bracelets

1 - watch

That's a lot of accessories to rock in one outfit - but it works well here. Why? It's all subtle, it all matches and it comes together well.

How to improve this outfit?

It's pretty damn good. But, if it were us, we might add one bracelet to the wrist game on the watch side. This would look great:



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