The Devil's in The Details - And This is The Detail You Should be Paying Attention To

August 19, 2016 - 10:15 PM

Guys look, a lot of people believe that women are way more cautious about their appeal than us men. But we all know that that’s bull. While some of us don’t wan to admit it straight away, we know that we’re just as into looking good as the ladies. Hell, I had one friend who used to take up to 1-h to do his hair, and would even start to flake if he didn’t get it 100% right. We had to convince him that he looked good enough to go out. Crazy right?

When it comes down to it, the devil really is in the details. And the details are in the little accessories, matching, and unique flare that you add to your outfit. It could be as small as how you lace your dress shoes or as subtle as how you match your belt and shoes. Everything gents, matters.

Here, we’re going to chat about how to keep your dress shirt collars looking crisp all day long and after a lot of use. You know that little curl that happens on the tips of your dress shirt? That little curl that seems to come back even after you’ve ironed your collar? Yeah – there are a few ways to get rid of that. The one of choice – the collar stay.

WTF are Collar Stays anyway?

A collar stay is a plastic or metal piece which is specifically designed to fit perfectly in the collar of your dress shirt. There are two intentions of this little accessory. 1) Is to add stiffness to that area of your collar. 2) Is to add counterweight to the collar so that it stays in place instead of it free-falling around. Little curl in your collar – eliminated.

But wait, which type of collar stay should I choose?

Well if you’ve got a shirt with built in collar stays there isn’t much choosing at all. These are impossible of being removed afterwards – so don’t waste any time thinking about it. You’ll find that a lot of high end dress shirts have sewn-in collar stays – it just makes life a little easier.

But fear not, removable collar stays are also very convenient and give you a lot of versatility. Most dress shirts, flannels and button up tees have little collar stay pockets on the reverse side of the collar. You can easily insert different collar stay types, sizes and colors.

Choosing the right collar stay comes down to price and preference

If you’re the type of guy who loses a lot of shit – then you might want to opt for plastic collar stays. You can get a ton of them in a box, for a very affordable price. Problem is – they don’t have as much power as their metal or bone counterparts.

This, is why we recommend choosing something more substantial. I mean aside from the washing machine, I’m not too sure how you’d really lose a pair of these. Unless, on second thought, you’re the type of guy to pop-your-collar. In which case, we’d recommend the plastic ones again.

But, if you’re over that early 2000’s fad, you’ll find that a solid set of stainless steel or bone collar stays are the perfect solution for most of your dress shirts. Stainless steel collar stays are relatively in-expensive. Take ours for example – you get a ton of value for a small price. Bone is also a cool option – more for the luxurious gentleman – as they usually only come in a pair or a few pairs at most.

At the end of the day, the choice is up to you

The only choice we don’t recommend though – is choosing to walk around with a limp collar.

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