Standing Apart From the Crowd - No Matter What Style

August 20, 2016 - 12:32 PM

If you’re looking to up your style game, one of the best ways to do it is with a subtle bracelet. This trendy item is one of the top men’s accessories these days. No, we’re not talking about massive chunky jewelry, we’re talking about subtle designs, ropes, wax cords and beads. They can easily be worn every day, are highly versatile ( they really pair well with every type of outfit), and help bring out your style.

Here are a few reasons why we love them:

Bead Bracelets For Men Are An Excellent Conversation Starter

In an increasingly “standard” world of suits, and minimalistic hybeast style rocking a bead bracelet (or other Men’s accessory) act as visual cues that helps you stand apart from the crowd, and showcase your personality and character. Having interesting accessories will always draw attention. This, is a good thing. I’ve had many Women and Men ask me about my accessories. “Where did you get that ring?” “Does that bead bracelet represent something?” “That design is so cool”.

Accessories, and bead bracelets at that, when done well can help get the conversation going. Take advantage of this with a cool or interesting story about the material of the bracelet, or the meaning behind the bead bracelet and you’re off to the races.

Bead Bracelets help separate you from the crowd

Look, there are always classics that you’ll want to stick with. Casual – white kicks, blue jeans and a white tee will always be standard. And if you’re rocking a suit or dapper look – you can never go wrong with the classic blue, black or grey suit.

How then do you move beyond the routine? You got it. Accessorize. Colors – when done right – always help give your outfit more flare. And even if you’d prefer to stick with the standard color pattern (black, white, brown, blue or grey) an accessory like a bead bracelet will add texture and variety to your look.

Quick Tips on Choosing the right Bead Bracelet

Right, so there are a ton of bead bracelets on the market. There are different sized beads. There are all types of colors. There are different symbols and meanings behind them. How does a guy make the right decision?

Here are a couple quick tips:

Bead bracelet color choice

If you want to keep it minimalistic, stick with colors that match your outfit. This will still give your outfit a texture pop, and still help you differentiate with an accessory, but it won’t call as much attention as a colored bracelet would. Now, if you’re looking for something a bit more eye catching, opt for contrast. Wear dark clothes? Go for a lighter colored bracelet. Light clothes? Go for a darker colored bracelet.

Start with classics

Classics, just like your suit or shoes, are an excellent way to get started with bead bracelets. They’re versatile, pair well with most outfits, and go with most colors. We’d recommend starting with a black, brown or even white combination. Stick to beads only (no flashy silver’s, gold’s, colors or combinations of skulls, Buddha heads or warrior heads. While cool – they have their time and place – so if you’re just getting stated we’d recommend avoiding them

Move to more unique versions of the classic

Again, just like your suit or shoes, the next evolution of accessorizing (and bead bracelets in particular) is moving to more unique versions of your bead bracelets. Look for different bead combinations (stick with the blacks, whites and browns) but now look for little metal pieces that further complement the look. Here’s where you can go with the Buddha head bead bracelets, the skulls, the warrior or lion heads. The metal beads that are placed every 3 or 4 spaces.

Graduate to color

The next evolution in the bead bracelet game is moving to color. There are tons of options. The key thing you’ll want to consider here is how to match your colored bead bracelet with your outfits. Remember these are far less formal, so while you can rock them with a suit, you’ll have to be very choosy about how you match everything.

Stacking for pros

Once you’ve found a few bracelets you like, you can consider stacking bead bracelets for an even more unique look. Colors, styles, even different bead sizes all look good together. You’ll just have to experiment with this one. When it comes to stacking you can also stack your bead bracelet with other styles of bracelet. Leather bracelets, metal bracelets, wax cord bracelets – they’re all possibilities. Again just experiment and you’ll get it right.



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