The Look: Monday Morning Hustle - w @sandro

August 29, 2016 - 04:10 PM

The Look:

Damn, we love the look that @sandro has going on here for this Monday morning hustle shot. He pulls things together well - and shows us just how easy it can be do rock a classic outfit.

This is perfect for the work place (agency, startup, creatives) and gives you enough of a combination between comfort and professionalism. Easily worn to meetings, but just at home on that bean-bag in your office.


Here's what we love about dapper Men's fashion look:

The black white combo is key - you already know this. But what we also really like is the way he mixes up the browns (something not typically seen when you're rocking black) and also the attention to detail.

You can easily make any pant have that summery feel by rolling up the cuffs. How high? 2 rolls are typically good - although it looks like he's got 3 going on here for that ultra European look.

You can also see the brown Oxfords that he's rocking have white laces. This helps to compliment the white shirt that he's wearing.



The men's accessories:

Now this isn't for everyone, but the ankle bracelet that he's wearing really adds a bit of punch to his outfit. It's a redish color (as far as we can tell from here) and brightens up the neutral / minimalist tones of this outfit.

We've got a couple of bracelets that are perfect for this subtle detailing.



How we'd improve the outfit?

It's pretty clean. But, if it were us, we'd add a subtle bracelet to the watch game, add a ring, and a classy pair of shades. That's about it.


Overall - very well done.

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