Men's Accessories - The Bracelet, Why and How You Should Wear Them

August 31, 2016 - 04:49 PM

Gents – when it comes to Men’s accessories there’s far more than meets the eye. We’ve been trained to think that a watch is your key accessory. Maybe add a wedding ring, or simple ring and you’re done. But the truth is, we’re seriously limiting ourselves when we just think about accessorizing our outfits in these two ways.

And yes, we’ve noticed that whenever a certain accessory name can be thought of as unisex (think necklace, bracelet, hat etc.) we know that the Women’s category typically overshadows the Men’s. When you say necklace for example you probably think about a Woman’s necklace rather than a Man’s necklace.

Thankfully the times have changed.

Men have really begun emerging as dominant players in the accessories game – not only as an expression of style, luxury and outfit matching – but as a way to showcase their personalities. From the skinny jean hipster to the tattooed bro at the gym, accessories can be used to compliment your outfit.


Here’s a few guidelines on how:

Wearing Men’s Accessories


There’s a misconception about classic outfits and accessories. The stuffy, traditional way of thinking would say that men’s accessories – beaded bracelets, anchor bracelets etc. don’t belong on classic suits, with dapper outfits and on gentlemen in general.

They’ve obviously never explored the fashion world beyond the dark depths of their basement.

Suit Outfits:

Classic looks can look fantastic with Men’s accessories. Take the suit for example. One way of taking this traditional outfit and making it more casual is to drop the tie, change the shoes and add a bit of style with an accessory or two. The pocket square, lapel pin, bracelet, watch or even a ring would be a great way to do this.



Classic Outfit combos:

Especially during warmer days more and more men are wearing sleeveless dress shirts or polo’s that expose the arm. Unless you’re on a yatch, drop the tied sweater hanging over your shoulder, and opt for a solid wrist game instead. A series of bracelets (stacked together) a bracelet and a watch or even some ring wear can really make an outfit pop.


Business casual combos:

We’re big fans of the biz-casual look. You get to rock awesome shirts, jacket combos, ties and other “formal” wear with jeans, runners and casual dress shoes. There’s really a ton of versatility here. With business casual attire, you’ve got a chance to really experiment with your outfits – and with men’s accessories.




Casual combos:

The casual streetwear combo is something that we’re really excited about. It’s become more and more accepted in the last couple of years from a work perspective – which gives us a wide range of options in terms of deciding what to do. We like minimalistic necklace’s, bracelets, rings and cool watches with this type of setup. You’ve got a lot of flexibility with different Men’s accessories here.


Naturally we sell bracelets – so we’re going to outline a couple of general rules for considering how to up your wrist game:


  • The watch swap: If you’re feeling like your watch isn’t quite adding the kick to your outfit that you were hoping (and this does happen to us on some days) – we recommend switching the watch for a bracelet. This quick change can really help you change the look of your outfit.


  • Stack your look: As long as the bracelets compliment each other AND your outfit – you can stack them for a bolder feel. We’ve seen up to 5 thin bead bracelets stacked together – but the choice is really up to you. And while we like to opt for minimalistic feel, staying with a stack of 2-3 thin bracelets together – you can 100% stack larger beaded bracelets together too so long as your wrist doesn’t look crowded, and it matches your outfit.



  • When in doubt – leave one out: Not sure if your outfit can support the look of a watch + bracelet on one wrist and a double stacked bead bracelet on the other? When in doubt – leave one out. It’s better to opt on the side of minimalistic simplicity – leaving one wrist totally free and open – than putting too much on your outfit.


  • Compliment – don't overpower: Whatever you decide to choose remember that your bracelet should compliment your outfit – not over power it. We’re looking to add personality and style to what we do – not to draw so much attention to our wrist that everything else is forgotten.


If you’re looking to up your style and showcase your personality – there’s really nothing better than accessories.


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