Changing Seasons? Changing accessories

August 31, 2016 - 06:57 PM

Men clothing accessories have taken off in the last few years. In 2015 we outpaced women in terms of growth on spending in fashion. Mind boggling I know. The point is not to get into the data though. The point is to understand that now, more than ever there are many more options for men’s accessories – and there are many different ways to style your outfit.

As the seasons change we recommend exploring simple, minimalistic accessories in these areas:



There are purists who would argue that the only men’s accessories that should be on the hand are a wedding ring and a wrist watch. These are the same guys who call a watch a wrist watch. Forget the haters and think about what gear would look great with your style. An understated bracelet or a statement ring can add a just enough visual flare to make your outfit pop. There are ton’s of bracelet styles – from beaded bracelets, anchors, and other simple bracelets like the ones we offer – to other leather bracelets and steel bracelets. Rings and necklaces are the other options – but, you’ve really got to understand what’s ideal and what’s too bold.




Yes, the “man bag”/messenger bag is still one of the biggest trends in men’s accessories. When you want to carry all of that technology around, your paleo diet and a bit of work – nothing beats a clean and complimentary man bag. Canvas and leather are the two leading materials for bags at the moment. And while there are a lot of different options for the style of bag – we recommend starting with a simple messenger bag and then expanding from there. Blacks and browns are where you’ll want to start from.


Pocket Squares

If you are looking to dress up a suit, a business casual outfit, or just add some flare to that sport jacket – a pocket squares is a quick and unique way of doing so. You can really have fun with all of the different colors and prints that are available. If you’re just starting out though, nothing beats the classic white.




Scarves will complement any Fall sport coat. Since there are many, different patterns and textures of scarves, here you can have a lot of fun experimenting as well. Most times, men’s scarves come in neutral colors, which make it easy to match any outfit that you are wearing. This would be our recommendation on the ideal place to start. You can work up to bolder colors and patterns from there.





Berets, fedoras, and knit hats are back (the have been for a year or two now), and can be made to be as dapper as you want. The classic grey and tan are still popular options; however, colorful wine colors, blues and even tweed are also showing up more regularly. You will need some swagger to pull this look off – but if you’re up for the challenge go for it. Our recommendation – just make sure you get some advice on how your hat frames your face. There are many different face shapes – and a good hat store will help you understand what looks best on you.


Fall is also a time where some of the warmer accessories start to come out. Blend awesome fall colors (browns, reds, yellows, oranges etc.) with your outfit in a fun and easy way to add a bit of personal touch to your outfit.

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